New building

New building construction.

Buildings are used for everything in The Universim, and are the most important part of growing your Nuggets into a stronger, healthier, and smarter civilization.

Clicking on the hammer icon on the bottom left corner of the screen will open the build menu. From here, you can select six different building categories:

  • Production
  • Adaptation
  • Resources Management
  • Resources
  • Expansion
  • Epicenter

Selecting a building will place it's silhouette on your mouse cursor, allowing you to place it anywhere on the planet. Once placed, your nuggets must gather resources for it and then construct it.

All buildings require resources to construct, while some buildings may require extra resources after they are built, like electricity or water.



Construction panel

Interface of building construction.

Once a building is placed for construction, it's perimeter will be marked with black and yellow construction tape wrapped around several wooden posts.

Upon clicking on the area, a construction panel will open. This interface will detail several pieces of information:

  • The resources required to begin construction, and how much has already been provided for it.
  • The nuggets who are currently gathering and transporting the required resources, who are shown as supporters.
  • The nuggets actively working to erect the building, who are shown as constructors.
  • The progress, in both build points and percentage, until the building is complete.

This panel will also allow you to set this construction as priority, which causes all nuggets to ignore other construction projects until this one is complete, and it also allows you to abort construction entirely.

Up to three nuggets can construct a building at a time, but an unlimited number of nuggets can act as supporters to gather resources for the building.


Well panel

This well is at 84% durability.

Durability is the state of condition a building is in. The higher the durability percentage, the better shape a building is in. If durability gets too low, a warning notification will appear on the bottom right corner of the screen telling you which building needs repairs.

The durability meter can be found at the bottom of every building's interface panel as an orange colored bar. All buildings have durability, excluding the Evolution Tower.

Repairs can only be made by engineer nuggets who work at the Engineers building. They will automatically decide when a building needs repairs.

If a building is not repaired before durability reaches 0%, it will collapse into itself. As such, replacing the building means to start construction over again, consuming valuable resources.


At this time, demolishing an already built structure is easy. Click on the building you wish to remove to bring up its information panel and click on the orange button on the bottom left, adjacent to the durability meter. A confirmation box will appear asking if you're sure.

Upon demolishing a building, you will not get back the resources used to create it. The evolution tower and stone huts cannot be demolished.