The death of a nugget can be tragic, but such is the curse of mortality. Don't be too heartbroken, though. There are plenty of nuggets to take their place. However, there is still the issue of what they leave behind...

~ Flavor Text

The cemetery is a large sized building mainly used to bury dead Nuggets. It has an average build time due to its moderate resource requirements and build points, and also requires water to function. The Ancient Burial Perk must be researched before this building becomes available.


Once constructed, the cemetery can immediately employ one nugget for work. The nugget will stay within the cemetery grounds until they are needed to collect cadavers for burial.


When a nugget dies, their body will stay on the ground indefinitely. After a period of time, the body will create an infection zone due to rot. This infection zone can cause nuggets to become instantly sick, which takes a toll on their health.


Cemetery panel

The cemetery interface panel.

To remove patches of infection, the gravedigger will use a wheelbarrow to pick up the body and transport it to the cemetery. Once there, the gravedigger will give the nugget a proper burial and the infection zone left behind will dissipate over time.

The cemetery itself can only support nine burials before it becomes full. A new cemetery must be constructed to allow the gravedigger to continue their job. The current cemetery can be demolished and replaced to save space on the planet for other buildings.

Clicking on the cemetery will open it's information panel which includes:

  • The currently hired nugget.
  • The nuggets who are buried here.
  • The current durability of the engineer's hut itself.
  • The power and water requirement meters.

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