Primitive tools mark the very first step into becoming a technologically savvy civilization. Well, if knowing how to bash a rock with another slightly modified rock is considered technologically savvy, that is.

~ Flavor Text

The engineer's hut is a small sized building mainly used to instill Nuggets with the ability to repair buildings. It has a quick build time due to its low resource requirements and average build points, and also requires water to function. The Primitive Tools Perk must be researched before this building becomes available.


Once constructed, the engineer's hut can immediately employ two nuggets for work. The nuggets will stay within the hut until they are needed to make repairs.


Engineers panel

The engineer hut's interface panel.

When a building's durability gets low enough, a nugget working at the engineer's hut will be called to make repairs. Once at the location, the nugget will begin hitting the building with a hammer to signify it is making repairs. Clicking on the engineer's hut will open it's information panel which includes:

◾ The current average condition of every building.
◾ The currently hired nuggets.
◾ The current durability of the engineer's hut itself.
◾ The power and water requirement meters.