The evolution tower is the engine that drives the evolutionary progress of your civilization. From here, you can select which advancements nuggets research and also what kind of mutations you add to their DNA.

~ Tutorial

The evolution tower is a medium sized building mainly used to mark the start of your civilization. It is the first building you construct in the game, and has an instant build time. It requires no resources to build or operate.


This building does not provide any jobs as it works passively.


Upon starting a new game, the evolution tower will be the only building you can construct. Once built, four Nuggets will appear; two adults and two children of both genders.

It is suggested the tower be placed in an area close to a body water, loose rocks, and a forest. This is so your nuggets don't travel too far from home to collect the resources they need.


Evolution tower panel

The evolution tower's interface panel.

Once constructed, the evolution tower can be used to research new advancements in your civilization. These advancements are known as Perks. Some perks will apply specific benefits to your nuggets, while most will simply unlock buildings for you to place in your village.

The tower does not require resources to operate, does not need to be repaired, cannot be demolished or renamed. It is a permanent structure.

Clicking on the evolution tower will open its information panel which includes:

  • The currently active research with its name, percentage, and time of completion at the top.
  • A row of available perks to research.
  • A description of the currently selected perk.
  • The requirements for the selected perk which includes necessary resources and amount of time needed.
  • The effects that the perk will produce once it is successfully researched.
  • A button to begin or cancel research on the selected perk.