Fortunately, nuggets have identified patterns in the weather that allows them to be reasonably accurate with their forecasts. However, predicting when misfortune is going to strike, like an angry bear charging, is typically reserved for those with good hearing.

~ Flavor Text

The forecast tower is a small and tall sized building mainly used to detect current and future temperatures, and seasonal changes. It has a long build time due to its high resource requirements and build points, and also requires water to function. The Mist Smelling Perk must be researched before this building becomes available.


Once constructed, the forecast tower can immediately support the employment of one nugget as a Forecaster. The nugget is responsible for climbing the tower to see distant weather changes, and to provide you with seasonal temperature readings. They will also blow a horn to indicate the season's changing.


Forecast tower panel

The fisher pier's interface panel.

When the forecast tower is fully operational, the forecaster will reveal the future temperature readings, and the time remaining in the current season. This information is displayed on the top bar next to the clock, and is useful for planning when and what Crops to plant in your Farms.

Additionally, the forecaster will alert you to incoming Disasters such as wind storms. When this happens, you can click on the forecast tower to open its information panel, and then click on the red alarm icon. This will alert your nuggets which will cause them to seek shelter in their homes.

Some features have yet to be implemented in this buildings, and will be unavailable until the game is updated to include them.

Clicking on the forecast tower will open its information panel which includes:

  • Currently hired nugget.
  • Buttons to show the heat map, and wind direction.
  • Emergency alarm button.
  • The current durability of the forecast tower itself.
  • The power and water requirement meters.