Coming down with a cold can be a pretty terrible thing, but a visit to the witch doctor may or may not be even worse. However, they are the only hope your nuggets have right now.

~ Flavor Text

The hospital is a large sized building mainly used to heal injured Nuggets, or to cure sick nuggets from infection. It has a slow build time due to its high resource requirements and average build points, and requires water to function. The Traditional Healing Perk must be researched before this building becomes available.


Once constructed, the hospital can immediately support the employment of one nugget as a Doctor.

The doctor is responsible for collecting medicinal herbs from Farms or nearby bushes, creating medicine from collected herbs, and administering prepared medicine to patients.


During a normal game, nuggets will eventually injure themselves by performing everyday tasks. Once injured, a nugget will begin to slowly lose health. Once they are finished with their current task, they will head to the nearest available hospital to be healed.

Nuggets can also succumb to infection zones left by nugget corpses. Just like an injury, an infection will cause a nugget's health to slowly drop. They will seek out the nearest hospital to be cured with medicine.


Hospital panel

The hospital's interface panel.

When a nugget gets injured or infected, they will finish their current task and then head to the hospital for healing or curing respectively. Once a nugget enters the hospital and lies on a bed, they will become a patient and will be unable to leave until they are healed or if the hospital building is destroyed.

The doctor (also known as a witch doctor) will tend to any patients they receive with medicine. If no medicine is available, the doctor will head out to find some herbs in order to create it. With medicine in hand, the doctor will slowly heal patients up to 100% health, and will cure the injury or infection at the same time.

Clicking on the hospital will open its information panel which includes:

  • The currently hired nugget.
  • Nugget patients currently using the hospital.
  • Amount of herbs stored in the hospital.
  • Amount of medicines ready to be administered to patients.
  • The current durability of the hospital itself.
  • The power and water requirement meters.