Upon completing the construction of a building, a job may be assigned to that building so that it becomes fully operational. Some buildings do not require this, while many do.

To assign a nugget to work in a building, left-click on the building to open the UI panel for it. There will be a button that will allow you to select any adult nugget to work in the building.


These jobs aid in the collection and preparation of raw food into finished meals.


Two nuggets can be hired to work on a single farm. While working, they are responsible for planting the crops or herbs you select, tending to crops that are currently growing, harvesting crops that are completely grown, and performing general maintenance on the crop fields.


Only one nugget can be hired per fishing hut. They are responsible for heading out to sea in a small boat to catch fish, bringing caught fish back to the hut, gutting and preparing the fish as raw food.


Two nuggets can be hired per eatery. They are responsible for collecting raw food provided by farms and fishing huts, and cooking the raw food into prepared meals for other nuggets to eat.


These jobs provide general benefits to the player, or to other nuggets.


Only one nugget can be hired per forecast tower. They are responsible for predicting future temperatures, sounding a horn whenever the seasons transition to the next, and displaying the seasonal timeline next to the clock for the player to see.


Two nuggets can be hired per engineer hut. They are responsible for constructing newly placed buildings, and to repair already existing buildings.

Witch DoctorEdit

Only one nugget can be hired per hospital. They are responsible for healing injured nuggets, curing illnesses with medicine, gathering herbs from farms or nearby bushes, and mixing new medicine.


Only one nugget can be hired per cemetery. They are responsible for locating and collecting cadavers, transporting the body to the cemetery, and providing a proper burial.