Water reservoirs collect excess water generated by pumps. That additional water can be used when your consumption drastically rises.

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The reservoir is a small sized building mainly used to store an excess amount of water for use as a resource to Buildings that need it. It has a slow build time due to its high resource requirements and build points. The Water Well Perk must be researched before this building becomes available.


This building does not provide any jobs as it works passively with help from the Water Pumps.


Reservoir panel

The reservoir's interface panel.

Once constructed, the reservoir will start filling with water. The rate at which it fills is determined by how much water you're gathering from the water pumps, and how much water you're currently using in other buildings. However, If you're using more water than you're collecting, the reservoir will not fill with any water.

Each reservoir can store a maximum of 10,000 units of water. Stored water can freeze during the winter or evaporate during extreme heat.

Clicking on the reservoir will open its information panel which includes:

  • Amount of water collected and maximum storage space in both unit points and percentage.
  • Current water usage level. This will show your surplus in green or deficit in red.
  • The temperature meter. Number in the center is the current temperature, number on the left is freezing point, and number on the right is boiling point. The colored bar will also represent this.
  • The current durability of the reservoir itself.

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