The Universim is an open-ended, construction and management simulation, god game developed by Crytivo Games and designed by Alexander Koshelkov. It was made available to Kickstarter backers and to those who purchased from The Universim's website on October 16, 2015. The game is available for the PC, Mac, and Linux platforms.

Gameplay Edit

Read a more detailed description of the game here.

The game is set in a fictional universe at the presumed beginning of time. The player enters the role of god controlling the world presented to them, which is procedurally generated, to plant the roots of new life.

Upon placing the Evolution Tower, lifeforms known as Nuggets will appear. They will follow the command of the player, form families with each other, create new homes to live in, gather Resources from the planet, and perform the duties related to their assigned Jobs.

Nuggets must be looked after, otherwise they may starve, dehydrate, or become ill and die. It is up to the player to tell the nuggets where to build new structures, to assign jobs to nuggets, to decide what crops or herbs to have nuggets plant next, and more.

Features Edit

As the game is still in early development, many features are not yet complete.

  • An immersive, evolving universe simulator. Create life in the earliest stages of development and watch as it blossoms into a galactic empire under your guidance.
  • Take control of a dynamic, living world simulation.
  • Witness the changing of seasons, and survive the brutality of nature.
  • Explore beautiful, diverse, procedurally-generated planets.
  • Wield the immense powers of a god, ranging from restorative to destructive.
  • Conquer the epic expanse of the universe at your own leisure.
  • Enjoy the humorous, yet informative, news system as it details the latest information about your growing civilization.
  • A deep, intuitive research system that allows for a wide range of play-styles and offers many different ways of advancing your civilization.
  • Advance your civilization from the Stone Age all the way to the Space Era, and beyond!
  • Dynamic events constantly challenge the player and offer countless new gameplay opportunities.
  • No paid DLC, DRM, or microtransactions whatsoever!

Crytivo Games Edit

These are the people developing The Universim.

Alex Koshelkov
Founder - CEO - Game Designer

Nick Moutsios
Lead Programmer
Alexander Bargan
Yassen Atanasov
Geoffrey Clark
Lucas Norr
Art Department
Bradley Mcninch
3D Technical Director
Luisa Leitao
3D Lead Designer
Vlada Romaiva
3D Lead Designer
Martin Fyris
Concept Artist
Sebastian Bielecki
Visual Designer
Anna Istomina
Visual Designer

Michail Korobov
Sound Engineer
Maria Rubel

Writing / Marketing
Kyle Lautenbach
Crytivo devs Community Management
Aura Welsh
Community Manager

Qality Assurance
Jared Williams
Thorne Houstone Ray