Hot fix update

This hot fix was released nine days after the initial update.

This update was released as a hot fix to Update Carter on March 24, 2016. Read the official news post.

The changes are as follows:

Bug FixesEdit

  • Foragers, miners and lumberjacks will IDLE if there are no resources to gather nearby. A critical news message will warn the player that the resource of type X is depleted.If the player opts to reassign a nugget to gathering, the system will still post the alter message and return the Nugget to Idle when there are no resources to gather.
  • Farm changes: Harvested food will appear as a food pile in front of the farm building, and nuggets will be able to eat from it.
  • Texture settings from settings menu have been removed.
  • Couriers have changed: When a courier is assigned to bring a resource pile back to a stash, he will also check for nearby piles and gather them too, until he is full or no nearby piles are left.
  • Fixed Couriers Hut icon in the construction menu.

New ContentEdit

  • Easter eggs
  • Couriers now can collect multiple resources in the area, at once.
  • New Critical Message: “No food to harvest around the epicenter”.


  • Decreased food depletion rate.
  • Increased Courier Nugget speed.
  • Increased Couriers bag capacity to 30.
  • Increased clickable area on the Nuggets.

Known IssuesEdit

  • There is an issue with builders waiting in queue for the couriers to deliver resources. During waiting and in case they get hungry, their AI will stuck in that state.
  • There is an issue with couriers trying to pick up a ground resource pile that is left in the middle of a construction site. The courier will stay in that state, trying to reach the pile.
  • Performance spikes during the growing plot process at the Farm.