Forecast tower preview

The forecast tower building was added.

This update was released on October 1, 2016. Read the official news post.

On October 22, a hot fix was released to fix critical issues. Read the official news post.

The changes are as follows:

Bug FixesEdit

  • Localization fixes. Sometimes default language was not recognized properly.
  • Fixed issue where certain columns in the Nugget Panel List would not sort.
  • Fix for issue where sometimes a tombstone would show a negative birth year.
  • We now hide unused kids slots in Residential Building Panel.
  • Fixed issue where objects such as bushes and other props wouldn’t been cleaned properly on building placement.
  • Fixed issue where you can still click on buildings and open their panels when you are on the God Power panel.
  • Fixed water disappearing in reservoir when you look at it at certain angles.
  • Fixed a rare occurrence that after mating, no kid will be produced and the mating animation over the hut will not stop, although the nuggets leave the hut.
  • Fixed bug when you select building from construction menu while you need to place epicenter on the planet. That was making Epicenter Disappear and broke game.
  • Fixed long transition time at start of the game between Crytivo Games Logo and Main Menu.
  • Fixed icons for fisherman hut and forecaster tower building panel.
  • Fixed flickering during Audio Adjustments in the Settings.
  • Fixed a game crash issue caused by a nugget dying as a building's construction was being completed
  • Fixed issues with mating where population growth rate would be inconsistent between games (continued WIP).
  • Fixed an issue where player placing a building was unable to close window panels blocking view.
  • Fixed issue with manual mating not working.
  • Fixed issue with manual mating panel where the buttons were not clickable.

New ContentEdit

  • Forecast Tower. Seasons now revealed only when Forecast Tower build and functioning properly. This building will alert player in the future about upcoming planet events such as Tornadoes, Earthquakes, Winter/Summer Storms and etc. This building will need to be linked with more systems in the future as so it is still WIP. Forecast tower play horn sound when season changes.
  • Resources carried by Nugget now shows up in his ID card.
  • More obvious No Water indications added to the Buildings Control Panels.
  • Nuggets now have proper icons above them if they are assigned to a building that doesn’t have enough resources to function properly.
  • Fishing Tutorial
  • New Season Engine, redesigned Season Generation Mechanics. We now have 4 Seasons with 8 periods total per full Season Cycle. Some seasons will be longer than others, system will change them dynamically. Some work was done to alter season length in the future if planet affected by aggressive resource utilization.
  • New News Message: No Herbs Around. Triggered when all herbs was collected by Witch Doctor in the reachable area.

UI DesignEdit

  • Worker ID card teen timer icon update.
  • Eatery warehouse circles updated with icons instead of text, because it was problematic when it comes to switching languages.
  • Fishing hut updated icons instead of texts in storage circles.
  • No water / no electricity red ring and red top bar animations were added to all building panels.
  • Farm Panel added icon to raw food storage.
  • Worker ID card update. Now you will be able to see what Nugget is carrying and how many.
  • Witch Doctor panel also have now icons instead of text.
  • Add dish number to main UI
  • Forecast panel implemented.
  • Farm panel, some minor visual adjustments. Added missing sounds to buttons.
  • Seasons panel was redesigned slightly so it could hold new seasons mechanics.
  • Added status icons for Nuggets to show that their workspace is not working.
  • Upgraded worker ID card tooltips. There is explanation for each bar now.
  • Water pump extended tooltips added with detailed explanation. Consumption panel was removed since in pump it is not used.
  • Fishing hut panel upgrade. We added new extended tooltips and removed by the way consumption panel since it is not used in this panel (in this era).
  • Water well added tooltips with extended description.
  • Main UI overview tutorial was updated to reflect seasons panel change.
  • Updated water and some other building tutorials to match changed mechanics.

Balance ChangesEdit

  • Farm:
    • Decreased Farm Plot preparation time from 40 to 30
  • Eatery:
    • The amount of food required to cook 1 dish has been decreased from 2 to 1
    • When Nuggets eat cooked food from the eatery their hunger reduction speed is slowed down 2x times.
    • Eatery Water Refill rate changed to 12 from 10
  • Mating:
    • Max nugget population allowed is now set to 75.
    • Max number of children alive at once is now set to 4 (except when using Inconceivable god powers)


  • Hid Consumption and Health panels from Epicenter Panel (still available on standard residential building panels)
  • Fixed typos in construction menu.
  • Fixed Hover Over Effects on ESC Menu Categories.
  • Disabled F1 Help screen - Outdated
  • Corrected color tone on Shaman Hut.
  • Female Nuggets won't mate if Epicenter has lack of food.
  • Output Log file will now be created.
  • Nuggets won’t complain about pumps when thirsty anymore.