Main menu preview

The main menu was added to the game.

This update was released on March 24, 2016. Read the official news post.

The changes are as follows:

Bug FixesEdit

  • Corrected loading of resource pile asset in Stashes, (should stop breaking AI now!)
  • Hungry nuggets behavior is updated. They will continue working until they die or food is available again in the Epicenter
  • Fixed an issue with large planet objects when placed near bumps. Those will properly align with the terrain now
  • Fixed a crashing issue during loading
  • Nuggets are now able to eat from a farm, providing there is food harvested of course…
  • Picking up planet objects during building placement is now disabled.
  • Fixed a crashing issue during loading in Mac build
  • Fixed an issue where a Stone Hut would be built over a farm plot
  • Fixed fish were not being displayed.
  • Fixed issue with textures on the whales.
  • Fixed an issue where the game would crash on restart

New ContentEdit

  • Couriers and builders changes
  • Settings menu redesigned
  • Constructors Hut will now give a strength bonus to Nuggets assigned there. The bonus will have them build constructions faster

UI DesignEdit

  • Constructors Hut panel upgrade.
  • Gatherer’s Hut panel upgrade.
  • New settings screen implementation.
  • New news message added for when a storage stash is filled to capacity.
  • Water and electricity consumption added to every key building.
  • All key buildings disabled health bar dragging error.
  • Distribution center Fixed bug hiding nuggets names.
  • Distribution center added resign button to workers slots.
  • Stashes (food, wood, stone, metal, gas, oil) tooltips added.
  • Main Menu implemented.
  • New tutorial (UI overview) implemented.
  • Construction menu upgrades.
  • Well building panel implemented
  • Reservoir building panel implemented
  • Pump building panel implemented
  • Patchnotes information is now in main menu.

Balance ChangesEdit

  • Nuggets Food Needed from 0.1 to 0.2
  • Food on the trees from 30 to 20
  • Thirst Added
  • Constructors Hut Water Consumption: 2
  • Hut Water Consumption: 0.2
  • Farm Water Consumption: 2.5
  • Distribution Center Water Consumption: 1
  • Construction Hut Water Consumption: 2
  • Stashes Water Consumption Per Each: 0.25
  • Well Water Consumption: 2
  • Added More Fruit Trees to the planet

Performance ChangesEdit

  • Redesigned start-game loading system.


  • Removed requirement for Courier Nuggets to return to their Distribution Centre to check if there are nuggets waiting in the Queue. (This should significantly reduce the time “wasted” by Couriers currently.)
  • A news message will notify when a Storage stash is full
  • A news message will notify when a building reaches bad condition and when it collapses
  • Couriers will now pick as many resources as they can carry before going back to store them in a Storage stash, greatly improving their effectiveness.
  • Applied a new nugget animation during building and repairing

Art AssetsEdit

  • Added lakes to the planet, Lakes can be spotted by a ray of light coming from the planet when you choose the location to place your epicenter.
  • Added Water Reservoir, Water Pump, and Well.


  • Added additional 1193 Nuggets Random Phrases.
  • New nugget talks for repair and construction process
  • Updated the construction repairing sound

Known IssuesEdit

  • Object distribution across the planet is inconsistent.
  • The tendency for lakes to spawn on one side of the planet.
  • Constructors will refuse to repair buildings if they are waiting for resources to deliver to a construction site.
  • Performance Drop (will be fixed in the next patch.)
  • Water pumps can currently be built on top of each other (will be fixed in the next patch)
  • Particles on the water pump may have some visual issues, this emitter will be completely revised or replaced by the next patch.
  • Lakes do not freeze during the winter time.