Construction panel preview

New construction hut panel.

This update was released on December 15, 2015. Read the official news post.

The changes are as follows:


  • Construction Menu optimizations
  • Constructor’s Hut panel added
  • News History Log panel added
  • Nugget List panel upgraded
  • Settings menu (In progress)
  • Worker ID panel tooltips added
  • Upgraded eatery panel
  • Warehouse healthbar fixed
  • New Seasons panel implemented
  • Year is broken down into four seasons, which have dynamic length governed by climate rules
  • Min and max forecasted temperature is displayed for each month
  • Seasons panel tooltips added
  • Construction Menu lock icon swap
  • Main UI grayed out buttons fixed
  • Nugget List panel tooltips added
  • Construction Menu tooltips added
  • Construction Menu Builder’s Hut icon added

Bug FixesEdit

  • Fixed an issue with the Nuggets’ thumbnail images
  • Fixed an issue that caused a crash while loading
  • Fixed an issue that caused a crash during Nugget reproduction
  • Fixed an issue with camera water effects not being removed when clouds are destroyed
  • Fixed an issue with the lumberjack profession that caused a Nugget to remain Idle
  • Fixed an issue with the farm panel that displayed reverted plot resources
  • Fixed an issue with the framer's label on the farm panel
  • Fixed an issue with the Construction Menu that caused menu items to overlap
  • Fixed an issue with the Nugget age indicator still ticking after death
  • Fixed an issue caused by a Nugget's death resulting in Key Buildings malfunctioning
  • Fixed an issue that caused desert rocks to be misplaced during planet generation
  • Fixed an issue with palm trees not rendering correctly
  • Fixed an issue with depth sorting on some of the shaders causing uncommon clipping issues

New ContentEdit

  • Reference to the new Constructor's Hut (Balance Needed)
  • Building Condition mechanics implemented
  • Introduced a News History Log panel
  • The Granary building has been removed. Warehouses are now storing food as well (Balancing Needed)
  • A Nugget’s info card will no longer show the Nugget from a different camera, but will display a thumbnail
  • Redesigned Seasons panel (Still In Progress)

Game BalanceEdit

  • Twins Possibility changed to 20%
  • Nuggets now live longer: Minimum Adult Age changed from 550 to 770, Max Adult Age changed from 650 to 999
  • Turned off Farm Crop temperature sensitivity. Better seasonal balancing required in order to run it effectively. (In progress)
  • Upon starting a new game, Adahy and Elu will now start with 2 children, one male and one female.


  • Music vs ambient sound balance tweaked
  • Stone Age music levels tweaked
  • Increased volume of Nugget voices
  • Increased volume of Nugget footsteps
  • New Desert Ambience Day
  • New Desert Ambience Night
  • New Forest Ambience
  • New Night Forest Ambience
  • New Grassland Ambience
  • New Nigh Grassland
  • New Mountain Ambience
  • New Ocean Ambience
  • New Ocean Ambience Shore
  • New Space Ambience
  • New Space Ambience Zoom Out
  • New Zoom Camera Sound
  • New Forest Ambience Autumn
  • New Forest Ambience Winter
  • New Forest Ambience Spring
  • New Forest Ambience Summer
  • New Rain Forest
  • New Rain Water

Performance ImprovementsEdit

  • Tweaked shadow quality on both Great and Good settings. Shadows now have proper cascade updates and look sharper at closer distances, allowing for better performance and better visuals.
  • Tweaked texture settings to boost performance. Texture filtering options tweaked.

Patcher / LauncherEdit

  • Added 9 retries for each file from the game data for slow/unstable network connections
  • Fixed a problem with 64-bit Windows systems that caused the patcher to fail to properly update files
  • Windows/Linux version patchier now creates launcher-debug. log file in the game directory. This file contains detailed information on the patching process and should be zipped and included in the bug report(s) if any problems are encountered.