Wood refinery building

The new refinery buildings.

This update was released on May 1, 2017. Read the official news post.

The changes are as follows:

New ContentEdit

  • Huts: New Nugget pairs (couples) will use an available existing hut instead of building a new one.
  • New Buildings: Wood and Stone Refineries.
  • Initial implementation of 2 new resources: Wood Planks and Stone Bricks. These will be used for building upgrades to more advanced era.
  • New Idle Animation for idle Nuggets.
  • New News Messages: Informs about type/cause of Nugget death.
  • Introducing Natural Disaster system. This system will control Nature Events on the planets, with this change we’re rolling out our first event - Windstorm.
  • Rare Windstorm Disaster: It affects Nuggets that are not inside of their residential buildings. New Alert system was implemented as well. Now you can Alert Nuggets via Forecast Tower. Horn sounds can be heard during Alert, this sound indicates that Nuggetsneeds to find shelter. Nuggets can get injured during the storm, also Nuggets health depletes when they’re outside during the storm. More disasters are coming: tornado, earthquakes, meteor drops and more.
  • Now there is the possibility that Nuggets will get sick when they drink impure water.
  • Nugget Talk. Over 1000 unique ‘Nugget Talk’ sounds were added along with coding and linking them to events. Nuggets now have things to say when they execute their tasks.
  • Improved construction visualization process. Each building has been divided into sections which were animated by hand to reflect construction progression.


  • Initial Evolution Tower implementation (Placed as an epicenter at the beginning of the game). By clicking on the Evolution Tower, you’ll be greeted with the Influence Window. You will immediately notice that the window feels much more a part of the game as opposed to a separate environment. It is comprised of the following:
    • The various Perks that can be researched
    • The description for the selected Perk
    • The requirements that must be met in order to research it.

By researching Perks, you unlock new buildings and develop your civilization further. Certain Perks even improve the strength of your Nuggets. There are 4 types of perks:

Blue Perks (Evolution Perks)Edit

They unlock Key Buildings and advance your civilization through the ages. Every Evolution Perk researched brings your civilization one step closer to the Space Era.

Yellow Perks (Traveling Perks)Edit

They are only temporarily available and refresh constantly. They appear alongside almost every Evolution Perk. These Perks usually have minor effects on your civilization (which add up) and consist of either Innovation Perks or Mutation Perks.

Yellow perks are also divided into two categories:

  • Innovation Perks
    • They reflect simple but brilliant ideas thought up by Nuggets as they go about their daily tasks. Being so complacent, they would never pursue their ideas without the right motivation. As their god, players can analyze these innovations and decide if they want the Nuggets to research them. Innovations come and go frequently. Nuggets will eventually forget their ideas, so you have to act quickly to research a perk if it interests you.

    • Innovation perks offer minor improvements (that can add up to major benefits) to various buildings, systems, or professions. An example of an Innovation Perk is Improved Clothing, which increases the maximum temperature range that Nuggets can endure. It adds +5c to Max temperature and -5c to Min temperature. This gives Nuggets a better chance of surviving brutal weather conditions during extreme winters and summers. However, this Perk will also slow your Nuggets’ speed by 3%. These perks are refresh periodically.

  • Mutation Perks
    • These improve Nugget stats. They stem from mutations found in the DNA of Nuggets, but, like with Innovation perks, these mutations only hold the potential to be activated for a limited time. Players must decide whether they want these mutations to become a permanent addition to the Nugget DNA that will be passed down forever, or just let the mutation die off.

    • These perks offer minor improvements (that can add up significantly) to the performance of the Nugget species. This can include increased stamina/speed/etc, less need for food or water, and even bump up the fertility rate. These also refresh periodically.

Green Perks (Rare Perks)Edit

They will only appear every now and then, but keeping an eye out for them is a good idea as they will have a bigger impact on your civilization. An example of this is the Perfume Perk, which increases all female Nuggets’ fertility timer fill rates by 5%. This will lead to faster reproduction cycles, and thus, more workers.

Purple Perks (Ultra Rare Perks)Edit

When you see this Perk, you’d better hit all of the buttons on your keyboard and do your absolute best to research it. We’re willing to say that it's worth all of the Master Balls you’re carrying. Wait, wrong game. Basically, these are immensely valuable Perks as they dramatically improve your civilization. An example of this is Artificial Fertilization, which allows female Nuggets to become pregnant by visiting a Science Lab if there are no male Nuggets around. We’re really using a lot of reproduction examples today, but you get what we mean.

Bug FixesEdit

  • Nugget Children are no longer visible in the Nugget List.
  • Construction bugs with certain buildings have been fixed.
  • Fixed bug where gravedigger was not taking corpses.
  • Fixed bug that caused the pyre UI to not show.
  • Fixed bug where Nuggets were mating on unfinished/collapsed buildings.
  • Engineers are not trying to repair collapsed buildings anymore.
  • Fixed shipping animation issue.
  • Fixed Dead Nuggets that were still showing thirsty icon after death.
  • Crops are no longer visible after farm demolish.
  • Kids can not be injured anymore.
  • Fixed dead nuggets panel and tooltips issue (panel closing when clicked on building).
  • Fixed broken Farmer AI: Farmer would get into an infinite loop when thirsty and die.
  • Injured Nuggets stop bleeding when they are in the hospital.
  • Buildings with lower Health are now prioritized by Engineers.
  • Crops in farm can now begin growth in autumn.
  • There is now a difference between farmer state and crop state.
  • Fixed walking animation when nugget is not moving or inside a building.
  • Fixed Well Demolish button.
  • Now camera lense gets wet when it is positioned under the rain, close to the surface.
  • Fixed boat not facing to the right direction during the movement.
  • All buildings now conform properly to the surface they are standing on.
  • Stones are no longer floating above the planet.
  • Nugget Movement: animation improvements.

Balance Changes & ImprovementsEdit

  • Improved Engineer priority for repairing broken buildings.
  • Injury timer updates properly.
  • Transportation Priority adjustments.
  • Disease Area generation time changed from 240 seconds to 300 seconds.
  • Disease Area will be cleaned 30 seconds after Nugget Corpse removal.
  • Infected Nuggets health reduction was reduced from 0.1 to 0.05 point per second.
  • First Injury start time increased.
  • Decreased amount of random injuries.
  • Added the possibility to get infected by passing by infected zones, now set to 50% chance.


  • Windstorm effect added.
  • Buildings that did not have construction animation now do.
  • Added construction dust FX.
  • Wet camera FX when raining.
  • Stone Refinery building is implemented.
  • Wood Refinery building is implemented.
  • New resources: Wood and stone added.

UI DesignEdit

  • Implemented Evolution tower panel.
  • Implemented Upgrades panel for building upgrades.
  • Forecast tower panel update - added alert button.
  • Added alert icon to status icons pool.
  • Wood and Stone Refinery UI design and implementation.
  • Added localization for new Nugget statuses.
  • Added new messages for windstorm.
  • Updated and added a lot of new patterns for all messages.
  • Added status for nuggets going to wood and stone refineries.
  • Main UI update to hold current evolution tower research.
  • Added Demolish Button to the Residential Hut Panel.
  • Increased quality of entire GUI.


  • Additional syllables for name generator to add more Nugget names variations.
  • Added game version file to game folder.
  • Mountains fit to surface.
  • Tree shader script tweaks.
  • Added new materials to stone age warehouse.

Known IssuesEdit

  • Scaffolding sometimes does not fit well to the surface.
  • Building Placement needs more space than current (missing safe area projector for reserving space for future building upgrades).