The first blog of the site, woohoo!

What's Been Happening?

So for those not aware, here's the full story.

On April 21, 2015, this wiki was founded by Wunderwaffe 42. Wunderwaffe created a basic theme, added a few pages, added a few categories, and uploaded a background image found here. After this, the wiki was immediately abandoned. No further edits were made by Wunderwaffe, or any other editor, for the next 2 years. Taking note of this, I decided to start editing here.

I began by adding the Version History page, and individual articles for each update. I also sent a message to Wunderwaffe to see if he could use help in updating the site. After some time, I started adding templates, categories, and images for use on the Controls page, and beyond.

After not hearing back from Wunderwaffe, I decided it was time to place an adoption request. I mention the required info such as edit count, days active, and - most importantly - how long has the current admin been inactive.

A full day passed before I received a response from Wikia staff member Merrystar. She gave me the permissions I needed to start working on the wiki in full, and removed the permissions Wunderwaffe had.

Now What?

Ever since getting Bureaucrat permissions, I have been adding templates non-stop, categorizing every element on the wiki so that it is easier to find, updating currently existing templates, creating help pages, and creating some starting policies.

A lot of work has already been done to build a solid foundation for this wiki. But a lot more work needs to be done to start adding actual content to the wiki. At the moment, I am working towards creating a themed, but functional, Main Page. Once done, I'll add two or three more articles before making the wiki public to it's intended community.

I also hope that, through time and some private messages, I can get the developers to link to this wiki instead of the gamepedia wiki, which is also in a state of abandonment.

Thanks for reading!

~ Richard ~

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