Water controls the ebb and flow of your civilization. This precious resource has many uses, either making its way into the daily operation of buildings or, more importantly, keeping your busy nuggets alive.

~ Flavor Text

The water pump is a small sized building that can only be placed on a shore. It is mainly used to generate water as a resource for other Buildings to use. It has a quick build time due to its low resource requirements and build points. The Water Well Perk must be researched before this building becomes available.


This building does not provide any jobs as it works passively.


Water pump panel

The water pump's interface panel.

Once constructed, the water pump will immediately supply your buildings will water. It will draw this water from the lake, ocean, or river it is placed on. This will eventually lead to the body of water drying out.

A single pump can output 40 units of water at a time. If there is a surplus, it can be stored in a Reservoir for later use or for emergencies. A deficit in water supply can cause buildings to stop functioning since they aren't receiving water.

Water pumps will be unable to function if the body of water they are pumping from is frozen during the winter.

Clicking on the water pump will open its information panel which includes:

  • The water output amount.
  • The remaining units of water for this particular body of water in both units and percentage. It also shows what the maximum was.
  • A bar displaying the total amount of water you are collecting from all water pumps, and the current water demand from all of your buildings. The far right of the bar displays excess water being pumped into reservoirs.
  • The current durability of the water pump itself.

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