Every nugget requires clean water to survive and will consume water throughout each day. Wells are where nuggets can drink fresh water.

~ Flavor Text

The well is a small sized building mainly used to generate clean drinking water for your Nuggets. It has a quick build time due to its low resource requirements and low build points. The Water Well Perk must be researched before this building becomes available.


This building does not provide any jobs as it works passively.


Upon selecting the well for construction, it's silhouette will follow the mouse cursor. During this time, you will notice floating numbers above your mouse. This indicates the frequency level at which water will be replenished in the well.

Different biomes will have an effect on this level. For example, placing the well in a desert biome will yield little to no water replenishment, while placing it in the mountain biome will yield plenty.

The distance from a lake or ocean will also affect the replenishment rate.


Well panel

The well's interface panel.

Once constructed, the well will immediately begin to generate water. To see how much water is in the well, left-click on the building to view its information panel. From it, you can see the following details:

◾ Currently available water units to drink from.
◾ The rate at which water is being regenerated.
◾ The current durability of the well itself.

A unit of fresh water is generated once a bar is fully colored blue. A single well can hold up to 8 units of fresh water for your nuggets to drink from.

When a nugget drinks water from a well, it will replenish their thirst up to 75%.