Nuggets have taken to chopping trees down around the epicenter. That's all good and well, but what are they going to do with all that wood? Just leave it lying around?

~ Flavor Text

The wood refinery is a medium sized building mainly used to convert logs into refined wooden planks. It has a short build time due to its low resource requirements and build points. The Refined Materials Perk must be researched before this building becomes available.


Once constructed, the wood refinery can immediately support the employment of one nugget as a Wood Refiner. Another spot can be unlocked later in the future.

The wood refiner is responsible for collecting wooden logs, bringing them to the refinery building, and converting them into wooden planks.


Wood refinery panel

The wood refinery's interface panel.

The wood refinery is responsible for converting the tree logs, cut down by your labor Nuggets, into a more refined resource. The wooden planks that are created from this building will then be stored on-site, or at a Warehouse.

2 logs are required for each wooden plank to be created.

Clicking on the wood refinery will open its information panel which includes:

  • Currently hired nuggets.
  • Amount of pending logs currently stored in the refinery.
  • Amount of finished wooden planks currently stored in the refinery.
  • The current conversion progress shown in percentage.
  • The current durability of the wood refinery itself.
  • The power and water requirement meters.